Q Engineering

A Website, A Brand, and some booths.

Branding, UX, Web Design, Art Direction, Illustration

This bold look incorporates design concepts from the tech and software world, without veering into cliché. By using a high contrast color palette and arresting illustration style, this concept demands to be given a second look.

Layout has a distinctly editorial flair, calling to mind Wired layouts and other longread formats designed to engage readers and draw them in. This look is reinforced by playful Duotone portraits, like a 21st century version of the Wall Street Journal’s stipple portraits.

Product logos are fresh and exciting, with a consistent design scheme and high contrast palette built around literal empowerment in the Q logo – a Power symbol turned on its side.

All of this is capped by the logo. Q empowers intelligent decision-making in oil & gas, so we turned a power symbol on its side