About the project.

Concept, Strategy, Art Direction, UX

Build your robot and dominate from anywhere in the conference.

Creators, makers and developers know that inspiration can strike at the most unexpected times—especially when you take a break. We’re giving conference attendees a chance to get their creative juices flowing with a Red Bull and a little friendly competition.Conference goers can break away to play our game

  • People can build their own robot using Red Bull-branded parts on an app
  • Once their robot is assembled, it’s time to battle it out
  • The app will feature a leaderboard and the option to challenge people
  • We can feature battles on a Jumbotron
  • People will network and play throughout the conference


Document the process behind your Red Bull delivery. Share the thrill of the drone race.


Each visitor will make a point to try this new experience and will likely share this event with their co-workers.

Drive Traffic

Drones will be unmissable at the conference. Relevant hot technology. Likely to create buzz.