Hi! I am Cody!
Lets make amazing.

Creative Director, UX Designer, CGI Artist,
Dad of Jack and Wheezy, Product Person & Person Person, Creative Leader.

About this CD:

I’m a dynamic creative leader with a strategic focus marketing, product, and UX. My extensive career spans roles in boutique agencies and major firms, where I’ve adeptly managed teams of all sizes. Collaborating with a wide-ranging clientele, from local breweries to nationally-recognized brands.

Professionally, I’m proficient in a diverse toolkit, encompassing the Adobe Suite, Sketch, various prototyping tools, video production, VFX (including AR and VR), Blender, and front-end web technologies like HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. My versatility extends beyond hands-on work in UX and product design to encompass mentorship, guiding creative talents, and spearheading the development of pioneering concepts.

What I’m Currently Up To:

With a dynamic creative team that has grown to over 60 talented individuals (and we’re still growing), we’ve been unleashing some of the most exceptional work, not just in Texas but across the entire US (okay, maybe there’s a slight bias in that opinion).

My current role involves overseeing all aspects of retail, experiential, digital, web, SaaS/App, and social work right here at our office, and it’s all in collaboration with the incredible team behind me. Working on Samsung Mobile projects can be demanding, even wild at times, but with the amazing people I’m fortunate to work alongside, it’s been a ride of a lifetime.

In the past four years, I’ve embarked on an exciting journey, building an entirely new creative department for Cheil USA here in Dallas. Being the first creative to step into this venture in Dallas, alongside a few Cheil veterans, has been a unique opportunity. We’ve had the privilege to start from scratch and create something that competes with the very best in the industry. It’s been an exhilarating adventure, and the journey continues.

Awards and Recognition:

With over 40 awards under my belt, my creative work has been recognized on multiple fronts, from local and regional ADDY Awards to prestigious Webbys and Creative Pool Awards. Notably, my work has been published three times, I’ve also had the privilege of serving as a juror for creative competitions twice, allowing me to contribute to the evaluation of outstanding work in the industry.

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