Capture the Cape (CTC)

Product Design · UX · Concept Art · Branding

In a measly 6 months, we achieved the impossible, conceptualizing, designing, and developing an immersive gaming experience without external budgets. My role as the Creative Director and Head Concept Artist played a pivotal role in this groundbreaking project.


Creative Director

MD Lab

Building the First-Ever Roblox Matchmaking System

A highlight of our achievement in this project was the development of the first-ever matchmaking system within Roblox. This groundbreaking feature revolutionized player completion. Creating the first truly ranked PVP system within Roblox.

CTC Store

Key Achievements and Milestones and Team Collaboration:

  • 25,300 Lines of New Code: Our team undertook the challenge of crafting a completely new gaming experience within Roblox, resulting in a colossal achievement of 25,300 lines of custom code that powered our game.
  • 2,048 3D Assets: With a commitment to detail and innovation, we created a staggering 2,048 3D assets, including characters, environments, and props. Each asset was meticulously designed to enhance the game’s immersive quality.
  • Extensive Testing: To ensure a flawless gaming experience, we conducted 23 rigorous testing sessions, meticulously refining gameplay, mechanics, and overall performance.
  • Original Music Tracks: We composed and integrated 2 original music tracks that complemented the game’s atmosphere, enhancing player engagement and immersion.
  • Full CGI Trailers: Our team went above and beyond by producing 2 full CGI trailers for the game. This involved animation and motion-capture, showcasing our dedication to delivering a captivating narrative.
  • 5-Hour Live Stream Launch: To celebrate the game’s launch, we hosted an epic 5-hour live stream event, engaging with the gaming community and building excitement around our creation.
  • Roblox Platform Media Campaign: We executed a comprehensive media campaign within the Roblox platform, strategically promoting our game to reach a wider audience of enthusiastic players.

Results: The impact of our project was profound, with notable results:

  • First-Ever Matchmaking System: We introduced the first-ever matchmaking system in Roblox, revolutionizing player interactions within the platform.
  • 10,000 Game Plays in the First Week: Our game garnered a remarkable 10,000 game plays within its first week of release, a testament to its compelling gameplay and innovative features.
  • Over 5 Million Impressions: Our strategic Roblox platform media campaign generated over 5 million impressions, firmly establishing our game within the Roblox community.

This project, led by my creative direction and visionary leadership, stands as a testament to innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and a user-centric approach, offering users a store-like product experience from the comfort of their devices.