MidCentury Vodka Machine.

Experiential · 3D Design

In 2017, I had the pleasure of serving as the Senior Art Director for the Deep Eddy Mobile Tasting Room—a project that has endured for over six years and counting. This remarkable mobile experience has toured 42 cities and spent a total of 773 days on the road, inebriating audiences wherever it goes.


Senior Art Director

Deep Eddy

A Vintage Vibe: At the heart of this mobile tasting room lies a beautifully restored 1946 Spartan travel trailer. Tasked with this unique challenge, I was equipped with CAD files of the trailer and embarked on a creative journey to design the layout and aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the era of the trailer, I set out to craft a something timeless.

A Journey Beyond Time: What initially began as a design project in 2017 continues to captivate and transport audiences to this day. With tours still continuing into 2024.

A Confluence of Eras: This ongoing project seamlessly blends vintage charm with contemporary creativity, enabling Deep Eddy to share its craft and legacy with enthusiasts across the country. It represents a delightful confluence of eras, where the nostalgia of yesteryears meets the excitement of the present, offering a taste of the past that is equally cherished today.