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As the Creative Director for “Dreamforce: My Amazing Journey,” I had the privilege of spearheading a transformative project aimed at elevating the attendee and sponsor experience at Salesforce’s mega-conference, Dreamforce. This endeavor focused on creating engaging connections with attendees at key touchpoints before, during, and after the conference.


Creative Director


Key Objectives

  • Create an impactful and memorable experience for Dreamforce attendees.
  • Foster valuable connections between sponsors and attendees.
  • Encourage repeat attendance to Dreamforce year after year.
While I am there:

Interactive Check Point:

Our vision was to enhance the Dreamforce experience from the moment attendees stepped foot into the conference. We designed an immersive, interactive touch wall that served as a dynamic hub for sponsors and attendees. This touch wall functioned as a gathering spot, offering attendees:

  1. Daily topics and must-see sessions for personalized scheduling.
  2. Wayfinding and quick navigation to maximize their conference experience.
  3. Social aggregation and trending content, keeping attendees engaged.
  4. Crowdsourced visualization of Dreamforce, creating a shared sense of community.
  5. Group Snapchat filters, messages, and photo opportunities for added fun and interactivity.
When I return:

Debrief powered by Einstein:

We recognized the importance of extending the Dreamforce experience beyond the conference walls. To achieve this, we developed a seamless system that allowed attendees to easily and compellingly share their learnings and insights when they returned home. Attendees’ RFID badges stored their personal journey, including their conference activities and sessions attended. Using Einstein AI, we compiled their experience into a shareable digital journal, featuring:

  1. Key slides from the sessions they attended, offering a quick reference.
  2. Impactful images captured during the event, preserving memories.
  3. A list of important contacts made along the way, facilitating post-conference networking.


Dreamforce: My Amazing Journey” redefined the Dreamforce experience, leaving an indelible impact on attendees and sponsors alike:

  • Attendees enjoyed a highly interactive and personalized conference experience, making the most of each day at Dreamforce.
  • Sponsors found innovative ways to connect with attendees, resulting in fruitful partnerships.
  • The project contributed to the growth of Dreamforce, with attendees eager to return year after year to relive the exceptional journey.

This project underscores the power of creative vision and innovation, demonstrating how a strategically designed conference experience can leave a lasting impression on attendees and sponsors, fostering long-term engagement and loyalty.