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Fueling Innovation: Q.Engineering’s Creative Brand Transformation and Digital Evolution


Creative Director


Project Overview:

In 2018, I had the privilege of spearheading the Q.Engineering project as the Creative Director, overseeing all facets of branding, website development, and the formulation of a comprehensive visual and written strategy. Q.Engineering, a pioneering force in the realm of cloud-based oil and gas technology, stood at the forefront of innovation with its core tenets centered around profitability, user experience, and flexibility.


  • Conceptualize and develop a compelling brand identity that resonated with Q.Engineering’s commitment to profitability, user-centric design, and flexibility.
  • Craft an intuitive and visually engaging website that empowered decision-makers in the oil and gas industry.
  • Formulate a written and visual strategy that showcased Q.Engineering’s innovative spirit, both as a brand and in its product offerings.

Core Tenets and Target Audience:

Q.Engineering’s core tenets revolved around profitability, user experience, and flexibility, serving as guiding principles for the project. The primary audience encompassed Private Equity Firms, Engineers, Finance professionals, and Investor Light individuals, with the ultimate goal of capturing potential clients.

Strategic Approach:

Our strategic approach was twofold:

  1. Capture: Every aspect of our creative process aimed at guiding potential clients along a simple, functional path to purchase. The website was designed to be a seamless platform where decision-makers could effortlessly engage with Q.Engineering’s offerings.
  2. Inspire and Showcase: Our mission was not only to design a brand and website but to inspire. We wanted to highlight Q.Engineering’s innovative and forward-thinking spirit through visual and written storytelling. This involved showcasing products, industry insights, and the brand’s internal culture.

Forward-Thinking Design:

Our creative direction was driven by forward-thinking design principles. We sought to be relentlessly innovative in both the visual and user experience aspects, making Q.Engineering’s offerings not just functional but also aesthetically engaging.

Visual and Written Strategy:

The visual and written strategy was our cornerstone. We leveraged illustration, photography, and compelling content to captivate the audience. Through posts that focused on oil and gas insights and the brand’s culture, we emphasized the excellence of Q.Engineering.

Outcome: The Q.Engineering Branding and Website Development project resulted in a brand identity and online presence that aligned seamlessly with the company’s core tenets. It empowered decision-makers in the oil and gas industry with an intuitive platform while showcasing Q.Engineering’s innovative prowess.