A shockingly net new product with crazy legs.

And a new perspective on force management.

But what is Jebi? Well, its a gamified task and reward management tool that I invented.


Group Creative Director

Project Overview:

Traditionally, ambassador programs either demanded extensive teams for management, yielding inadequate scale, or unleashed ambassadors with minimal oversight and data. The aim was to bridge this gap by creating a meticulously managed program generating a wealth of content while furnishing clear data for ongoing optimization. We then were able to apply Jebi to a problem from Samsung with outstanding results.


Past ambassador programs faced a dichotomy: either extensive teams were required for management, leading to insufficient scalability, or programs operated with minimal oversight and data, risking inefficiency and missed opportunities.

A Creative Response:

Our team devised a multifaceted solution, leveraging Jebi’s innovative platform as the cornerstone. We implemented a comprehensive communication pipeline for influencers, augmented by a gamified incentive structure designed to maximize engagement and productivity. Through this approach, ambassadors were motivated to surpass expectations, earning redeemable points for each deliverable completed to satisfaction. This gamification not only streamlined the management process but also fostered a culture of collaboration and excellence among participants. Furthermore, the integration of Jebi facilitated real-time tracking, empowering us to identify high-performing content and refine strategies for optimal results.

Built from the ground up by our dedicated team, the influencer program saw remarkable success over a 14-week period. With 224 brand ambassadors generating 6,837 pieces of content, averaging 30 pieces per week, the program achieved unprecedented scale and efficiency. Notably, content creation peaked at 1,000 pieces in a single week, managed seamlessly by just 4 platform managers. Jebi’s transformative capabilities simplified program management tenfold, providing both scale and precision while furnishing valuable data for ongoing optimization efforts.

Key Features/strong>

Gamified Incentive Structure: Jebi introduces a gamified incentive system, motivating ambassadors to exceed expectations by earning redeemable points for each completed deliverable. Ambassadors can easily track their progress and redeem points for real prizes through the integrated reward store.

omprehensive Communication Pipeline: Facilitating seamless communication between brands and influencers, Jebi establishes a comprehensive pipeline for clear deliverables, ensuring alignment and efficiency. The innovative bounty board allows easy assignment of tasks by groups or mass, enhancing collaboration and productivity in a game-like manner.

Real-time Tracking and Optimization: Integrated with Jebi, the platform enables real-time tracking of performance metrics, empowering brands to identify high-performing content and optimize strategies for maximum impact.

What does “Jebi’ mean?

Jebi – A Swallow. From the heartwarming tales of kindness and abundance in “Heungbu and Nolbu” a Korean Folktale. In ‘Heungbu and Nolbu,’ Jebi, the Swallow, transforms the lives of Heungbu and his family. After Heungbu rescues Jebi, the grateful bird gifts him a special seed. Planting it leads to a gourd vine sprouting treasures, bringing prosperity. We thought this paid off Jebi’s Korean roots while being a fitting story to match the platform. Below is how that branding played out.