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2020 A year of Mayhem.


Creative Director


Project Overview:

14 days of epic Fortnite events. 3 Brand New Game Play Modes for Fortnite. Our mission: to navigate the uncharted waters of marketing shifts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the legal battles that had ensnared the gaming industry.


The year 2020 brought about seismic shifts in the marketing landscape, exacerbated by the global pandemic. The gaming industry faced its own unique hurdles, as Fortnite, a cultural phenomenon, found itself embroiled in lawsuits with tech giants like Google and Apple. These legal battles led to a restrictive environment, limiting Fortnite’s accessibility to mobile gamers.

A Creative Response:

In response to these challenges, we conceived MMM, realizing the urgency of the moment. We wasted no time, swiftly partnering with Epic, launching a substantial initiative that would make waves, and executing it at an astonishing speed. In under two weeks, from pre-roll commercials to innovative gameplay modes and enlisting over 20 pro gamers for our 14 days of live action, we accomplished it all.

The Approach and Results:

Custom Maps with Samsung Features: We masterfully crafted three custom maps, ingeniously integrating exclusive Samsung features and gameplay elements. This design provided players with an immersive experience that transcended traditional mobile gaming.

Pro-Gamers and Influencers on Twitch: Collaborating with 20 renowned pro-gamers and influencers, we harnessed the power of gaming celebrities on Twitch, streaming daily for 14 days. This strategic move amplified the reach and impact of the MMM event. WIth over 84 Hours of content produced and 100s of thousands of viewers.

Massive Player Engagement: Over the course of these electrifying two weeks, the MMM event drew participation from over 100 million players. It stood as a testament to our ability to pivot and thrive in the face of adversity, all leading to an epic brawl of a finale.

A Creative Marathon in Record Time:

The MMM project unfolded with breathtaking speed. From conceptualization to execution, we accomplished this two-week long gaming activation in just three weeks. As the Creative Director, I embraced a hands-on approach, personally designing and contributing animation and CGI elements to meet the ambitious deadlines.

Resounding Success Amidst Uncertainty:

The MMM Fortnite Gaming Event not only weathered the marketing shifts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic but also overcame the limitations imposed by legal disputes. It exceeded all expectations, garnering millions of engagements, impressions, and accolades. Our efforts received recognition from Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, further underscoring the project’s significance in the gaming community.