Samsung Live

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Over the span of two years, I’ve led an exciting and transformative project, creating a weekly shoppable livestream that meets consumers where they already are—right on As the Creative Director, I not only conceptualized but also built the studio and assembled a dedicated team on campus to bring this vision to life.


Creative Director

Samsung Mobile

Built in Record Time:

The foundation of Samsung Live was laid in a mere 17 days. Our primary goal was clear: to enhance purchase intent and drive sales by crafting a convenient, informative, and rewarding shopping experience. Each episode seamlessly integrated multiple Samsung Mobile products, featuring live demos and exclusive offers.

Building a program that could last for years – in weeks – well it was a rollercoaster.

Navigating Complex Offers with Ease: Our concept was simple yet powerful—to leverage existing media and use the show to guide viewers through sometimes complex product offers. Live Commerce (LVC) found its home on Samsung’s website and show media channels, with up to four shows per week at various points.

Entertainment Meets Product Insights: By merging entertainment with in-depth product insights, we achieved extraordinary results. The impact was staggering—an astonishing 890% ROI and a conversion rate that rivaled the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

Samsung Live has not only transformed the way consumers shop for Samsung Mobile products but has also showcased the power of creativity, innovation, and adaptability in redefining the shopping experience.

This ongoing project has been a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of our team, and it continues to lead the way in revolutionizing the way consumers discover and engage with Samsung Mobile products.